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Daredevil, how I would have ended it (Major Spoilers!!!)

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So, major Daredevil spoilers here so, tread with caution!!!!





I enjoyed the Netflix show Daredevil a lot. It had a very quick start that built gradually into a great superhero/character study.  It was a show I couldn't wait to watch the next episode of. It felt like it was building to a fantastic finish but, when the finish finally came, I felt let down. It was like a football player fumbling the ball on the 1 yard line just as he was about ready to score.  I know I'm probably alone in this, most people who watched the show thought it was great and loved the ending. I am not one of those people. I thought the ending was just, meh.

The main problem I had with it was a simple one. The Kingpin, Wilson Fisk. I knew he was evil, I knew he did bad things, but I felt he wasn't the typical bad guy, that he had some honor, that he was actually better than your typical bad guy. I got the feeling that, if not for a tragic upbringing, he might have actually turned out to be a good guy. They made me care for him. They made me see him as a compassionate human with some major anger issues. He was the clear bad guy, but he was a bad guy with some depth.

That depth got taken away in the last episode when they made him just the run of the mill, I own everyone cause I'm rich and I can hire anyone I want to help me escape because, I'm rich, bad guy. The final assault on his van with FBI guys killing cops was just silly. It didn't ring true to me. Sure, Wilson Fisk killed, but he always made sure people thought he was good guy, this made him such a bad guy, made everyone know he was a bad guy, that it rang false to what was built. Wilson Fisk would have found a better way to get out of it. As it is, it was a cliched trope that I personally can't stand. 

So, okay, how would I have ended it you ask? (Or didn't, whatever.)

Here's what I would have done.

Everything up to the point were they start arresting people keep. That's all good stuff.  After the scene with Foggy, Karen and Matt celebrate the arrests fade out. 

Fade back in with the title 8 Months later. 

Matt's standing in shadows in his new Daredevil costume (which we can't see yet) watching the TV. A reporter is talking over a recorded image of Fisk getting out of prison. His comments that he always knew the truth would come out and that he was innocent of all charges. (See, what this does is show that the law, something Matt and Foggy talk about all the time, can be corrupted because we all know that Fisk simply bought his freedom.) 

Matt puts the mask on and runs out of his apartment.

Cut to Foggy and Karen drinking, talking about how Fisk simply bought the best lawyers, the judges, and jury to get off. (In fact, that might actually be cheaper than buying a personal army to kill a bunch of cops to rescue him.) 

The next scene is Fisk standing in his apartment looking out to the Hell Kitchen, we can see that he's thinking about his next move. We hear a commotion from outside, two guards are thrown into the room and Daredevil, in his new costume, is standing there, a line of unconsciousness guards behind him. 

Daredevil and Fisk banter about the law, how money will always get him off, how he's going to go after everyone Matt cares about. Matt tells him he's done with the law, that he's going to stop Fisk right here and right now. After they banter they fight. It's a brutal fight that tears the apartment apart.

In the end Matt has a chance to kill Fisk but he doesn't, and instead he uses a move that Stick taught him that puts Fisk in a coma, one he may never get out of. Then, he leaves.

The last shot is of Matt, Karen and Foggy watching the news as Fisk is taken out of his apartment in a coma. Foggy looks at Matt, not sure how he feels about what Matt did. Karen is sad, but also expresses she's happy that Fisk got what he deserved. Matt's quiet, not talking, contemplating what he did and how he could move forward.

I know, that sounds a bit like how the movie Daredevil ended, but it's just my first draft, I'm sure we can change some stuff.

My point is, make the ending follow the theme of the show. The theme of law and vigilantism. They ending they gave us didn't do that, it just gave us a typical bad guy and I didn't want that, I wanted the ending to have more meaning.